Glass Pool Fencing

Sunshine Coast Glass Pool Fencing

Tewantin Glass offers a range of glass pool fencing solutions for businesses in Noosa & Sunshine coast, including:

  • Frameless pool fencing
  • Semi-framless pool fencing
  • Aluminium pool fencing

Top-Quality Glass Pool Fencing - Noosa / Sunshine Coast

Glass Pool Fencing

Supplied and installed by our qualified staff, our pool fencing has been designed and engineered to meet all Australian Standards. Safety and beauty are combined in a cost effective adaptive system that can enhance an established home pool area and compliment any new development project. Every component of our fencing systems has been tested to comply with the relevant safety standards.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

We only use the best materials available for our frameless glass pool fencing. 12mm clear toughened safety glass which is installed with premium grade stainless steel glass spigots (clamps) or stainless steel glass stand-offs face fitted to walls. Glass spigots are core drilled into concrete and tiles or installed on to timber deck. The beauty of this type of installation is that longer spans of glass can be installed with the glass spigots making it less obtrusive.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Probably the most cost efficient glass pool fencing available. 10mm Toughened safety glass installed with aluminium powder coated posts to suite your personal requirements. The glass panels are secured using glazing wedge rubbers to secure the glass in the aluminium posts. Our semi frameless glass pool fences can be fixed directly to a concrete or timber surface, and can be installed directly into soil with concrete footings.

Pool Fence Maintenance

We are able to replace existing pool gate hinges and latches which may have deteriorated due to the climate with new ones, as well as any other maintenance issues which you may have with your pool fencing.

Electrical Earthing

Pool fencing guidelines state that all metal features close to pools and spas must be earthed to avoid possible electric shocks. This installation must be arranged by the homeowner and installed by their own qualified electrician.

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